White River CO-OP's History

Our rich past in agri-business.


White River CO-OP was started as the merge the two neighboring counties, Martin and Daviess county CO-OPs. Martin County CO-OP being the stronger of the two provided the leadership of the White River CO-OP. Part of the early merge was to gain buying strength.
Greene County CO-OP started looking for a stronger cooperative to merge with. Looking to grow White River showed interest and after board member votes, Greene County became part of White River CO-OP.
Monroe-Lawrence Farm Bureau and Orange County CO-OP showed interests in merging with White River. Monroe-Lawrence voted and was passed and came on board with White River, Orange County’s votes, however it was not passed and no merge was made. White River constructed its first 100% owned Swine Facility in Newberry.
Mallet Oil Company convenience store was purchased by White River and is now the Plainville C Store, where Country Mark fuel is sold.
Simmons hog farm was added.
White River has agreed to a joint venture with CO-Alliance in Owen County. That agreement consisted of White River taking care of the southern half of Owen County while CO-Alliance took care of the northern half. Along with that White River took on two employees from CO-Alliance that worked in Owen County.
Orange County made one more attempt to vote to merge with White River, they were unsuccessful and eventually sold their facility to Crop Production Services. Some of the patrons of Orange County wanted to join the White River and now Orange County has a representative on the CO-OP board of directors.
One of the largest buy outs for the LP department was Kemple Propane, to this day it is the largest buy out for the LP department. A Precision Planting dealership was added. White River CO-OP added an acre management program called Harvest Key, this program provides grid testing, geo referenced mapping, and crop scouting.
A 360 Yield dealership was added. Also two Hasler Oil Company was purchased, that added a large volume of liquid fuels deliveries as well as convenience stores in Lyons and at the Scotland Junction on I-69. Also a convenience store was purchased in Henderson, KY.
A new convenience store at the Scotland Junction location is also being constructed and is projected to be done Spring/Summer 2017. A new fertilizer plant is also in construction on Highway 50, which will hold 5,000 tons of fertilizer. We hope to be servicing customers with dry fertilizer by the fall of 2017. Most recently White River added LG Seeds to their dealership lineup.