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White River CO-OP is a proud supplier of CountryMark Fuel. CountryMark is an American-owned oil exploration, production, refining and marketing company. The company’s complete line of premium quality liquid fuels begins with light, sweet American crude oil brought in from Illinois, Indiana and Kentucky. This 100% American crude oil is refined to the highest specifications at the CountryMark refinery in Mt. Vernon, Indiana. Fuel quality is protected as it travels north along a 238-mile private pipeline. State-of-the-art blending technology at each CountryMark fuel terminal ensures that biodiesel and ethanol blended fuels are formulated for optimal driving performance and winter operability.

Equaling CountryMark’s fuel quality is the company’s complete line of high-quality lubricants, which are sold as CountryMark Advantage Lubricants.

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you're in charge

Jobsite Fuel Deliveries

We provide commercial jobsite fueling needs and services. We are able to deliver directly to your jobsite for the duration of your project.

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Smaller tank size

Tank Wagon Deliveries

This delivery option allows us to fulfill our customers’ needs at a smaller capacity than a transport load. In addition to fulfilling your fueling needs our experienced Petroleum Sales Representatives will maintain and service your White River CO-OP tank.

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Bulk package

Diesel Exhaust Fluid Bulk Deliveries

This is a program we offer to deliver our customers Diesel Exhaust Fluid in bulk. We have a delivery route set up to fulfill our customers DEF needs.

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Right when you need it

Automatic Fill Program

This is a special program that ensures you will always have fuel in your tank without the worry of having to order it. We will come on a regular basis or a schedule setup by the customer and fill your tanks.

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Price lock

Fuel Contracting

Contracting allows you to lock in a fuel price for a specified number of gallons for a period of time. This option gives you the reassurance that your price will remain the same for the duration of the contract no matter what price increases happen.

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We are a distributor of CountryMark lubricants. Browse the full list of lubricants here.

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Petroleum Service Representatives

Charley Michael

Petroleum Sales Rep -
Worthington Branch

Dave Mallett

Petroleum Sales Rep - Loogootee Branch

Dave Fillhard

Petroleum Sales Rep - Bloomington Branch

Jonathan Russell

Petroleum Sales Rep -
Washington Branch

John Silvers

Petroleum Sales Rep -
Mitchell Branch

Dale Mason

Petroleum Sales Rep - Worthington Branch

Jacob Bergman

Petroleum Sales Rep -
Mitchell Branch